NSEW Asphalt - Your Driveway Specialists!
When it comes to asphalt repairs you can be certain N.S.E.W. Asphalt Maintenance has the expertise to get the job done right the first time.  We have the knowledge and experience to correctly identify the causes of your pavement failures and specify the most effective solution for repairing defective areas.  Our crews are highly qualified and competent in all phases of work from beginning to end.  We also have the best equipment, materials and resources available to ensure the highest quality job.   Call today for the protection that your driveway needs!

Summary of our Services
Pavement Management Planning: Protect the future of your asphalt investment by examining maintenance alternatives, funding, priorities, and other factors to provide your property with the highest level of pavement condition and life span.
Resurfacing: Install a new layer of asphalt over a worn existing surface after repairs have been made and crack membrane installed.
Patching: Repair of deteriorated pavement. Remove and replace alligator or block cracking, fix sunken areas, pot holes, drainage problems, base failure, frost heaves, etc..
Crack Filling: Rubberized material designed to seal joints and cracks against moisture infiltration into the sub-grade.

Our Guarantee
N.S.E.W. Asphalt Maintenance Co. includes a one year warranty on residential projects. The warranty covers defects related to application of sealant, our products and normal wear and tear.  Ask our sales consultants for full details.